We are an international and multidisciplinary medical team, specialized in gynecological, digestive and sarcomas cancers in early and advanced stages. Ask our professionals. 

Laura Cusí Pujol

Dr. Juan José

Laura Cusí Pujol

Dr. François

Dr. Miquel Prats de Puig

Dr. Miquel
Prats de Puig

Specialists in the treatment of gynecological, digestive and sarcomas cancers


Laura Cusí Pujol

At Quénet Torrent Institute we offer surgical treatments based on the criteria of maximum specialization and clinical excellence, applying the most advanced technologies for the surgical treatment of cancer. Ask for our expert opinion.


This consists of combining cytoreductive surgery with the administration of a dose of chemotherapy in a single surgical procedure.


This is a chemotherapy that is applied in aerosol form inside the abdominal cavity

Intraoperative radiotherapy

This is the direct administration on the tumour bed of a precise and localized dose of radiotherapy, after the removal of the tumour during the actual surgery.

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