The Parisian Monnaie has coined a coin dedicated to breast cancer to contribute to R & D

The sustained increase in cases of cancer in the world makes obtaining R & D budgets one of its greatest challenges. This has been the main reason why La Monnaie parisina has coined a coin dedicated to breast cancer whose objective is to obtain a budget for research.

The availability of budget is one of the challenges that medical research faces. Cancer, the disease that affects a greater number of the world population, is financed by government contributions but its insufficiency encourages foundations, associations and other social structures to take action to increase R & D investment.

The French initiative of the Monnaie parisine is an example of action aimed at this goal.

Its price is € 10 and 2 of them are used to research this disease.

This coin dedicated to breast cancer is included in the campaign that the Estée Lauder Companies Association is doing about breast cancer: “Du Le cancer Seins Parlons-en”. Since 1992, the company has been actively involved in raising awareness on this type of cancer.

The first time the color rorsa was associated with this cause is 1990, when the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Breast Cancer gave a pink visor in a marathon that was celebrated for such a reason. In 1991, the ribbon was received by each participant in the New York City marathon. In 1992, Alexandra Penney, editor of Self magazine, asked the vice president of the cosmetics company Estée Lauder to participate in the annual edition of Breast Cancer Awareness. From that moment, the pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer.

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