Quénet Torrent Institute, since 2017, has been committed to development of its own technology and knowledge. 

The members of the medical team, experts in the techniques they apply, see as appropriate that the Institute should, as part of its activity, undertake top-level Research Projects, along with collaborators of other scientific disciplines. With the aim of generating, on the one hand, a greater knowledge base and, on the other hand, reaching new collaborators, such as health professionals, hospitals and entities, always within the areas of surgery and of cancer.

The projects today in portfolio refer to the ultra-technological area, such as the application of visualization techniques as augmented reality in the area of surgery, especially open surgery. Or nanotechnology, fully consolidated in the technical-scientific area, that opens bridges between the concepts of advanced surgery and medicine and pharmacology, the medical equipment and the new possibilities of diagnosis of certain diseases, in particular certain types of cancer.

Likewise, in the perspective of Quénet Torrent Institute, questions such as virtual reality, or support of the decision through big data analytics, are observed as relevant with regard to a very near future.

The team of doctors, engineers and external collaborators of Quénet Torrent Institute work very actively in the field of applied research, with some developments in operation in preliminary phase to market launch.



The specialists of Quénet Torrent Institute are a multidisciplinary and international team, specialized in high-complexity surgical procedures and in clinical oncology research. Their common objective is to work for survival and to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Laura Cusí Pujol

Dr. Juan José

Laura Cusí Pujol

Dr. François

Dr. Miquel Prats de Puig

Dr. Miquel Prats
de Puig

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