Dr. Miquel Prats de Puig

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, devoted exclusively to breast conditions, with highly specialized training focused only in Senology (Breast Disease). Deals with breast disease as a whole, encompassing clinical evaluation, imaging and image guided biopsies, surgery and multidisciplinary decision-making. 

Continued Medical Education, both as attendant as as a teacher. Teaching and speaker experience in several Courses, Congresses and International and National Meetings.

Extensive experience in breast imaging (breast ultrasound, mammography, tomosynthesis), invasive diagnostic techniques (needle biopsy with ultrasound or stereotactic guidance, intratumoral marker introduction both in bnreast tumour or on axillary lymph nodes to allow performance of TAD in selected patients).

Extensive surgical training on benign and malignant breast processes: technique of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Axillary Clearance, TAD, Conservative and radical breast surgery, Oncoplastic Techniques. Intraoperative breast ultrasound. Skin-sparing mastectomy, Nipple-areola sparing mastectomy. Close cooperation with plastic surgeons to achieve immediate reconstruction after mastectomy. Male breast disease, both benign and malignant. Intraoperative breast IORT (radiotherapy with Intrabeam). Use of OSNA technique for decision-making during sentinel node biopsy. Targeted Axillary Dissection (TAD) for N1 patients with after systemic primary treatment and complete response by imaging.

  • Internship by opsotision (sitting a competitive examination), Chair of Urology, Faculty of Medicine (Hospital Clínic, Barcelona – Universitat de Barcelona), 1992.
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery by University of Barcelona, 1993.
  • Certification of Title of General Physician, according to Articles 7 and 8 of 84/457/CE Directive.
  • University of Barcelona: Diploma, Senology and Breast Disease, 1994.
  • University of Barcelona: Master, Senology and Breast Disease, 1995. (MSc).
  • Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, M.I.R., 1994-1998. Trained at Institut Universitari Dexeus, Barcelona.
  • Visiting Physician: Centro de Patología de la Mama (Madrid Doctor A Tejerina), Breast Cancer Screening programme in Navarra (Pamplona, Doctor N Ascunce), Breast Unit of Hospital Virgen del Camino (Pamplona, Doctor F Domínguez-Cunchillos), Breast Unit of Clínica Universitaria of Navarra ( Pamplona, Doctor G Zornoza), Breast Unit of Hospital del Sagrat Cor (Barcelona, Dr. E Basilio), IMIM (Institut Monpellierenc D´Imagerie Medicale, Monpellier, Doctor J Lamarque), INT (Istituto Nazionale per la Cura di Tumori, Milan, Doctor B. Salvadori). IEO (Istituto Europeo di Oncologia-Doctor U.Veronessi, Doctor Mattia Intra).
  • September, 2009. Obtains Official Accreditation of Barcelona Medical Association on Senology: Diploma Acreditatiu de Capacitació en Sinologia i Patologia Mamària, Col.legi Oficial de Metges, Barcelona.
  • 2010: Curso de Cirugía Oncoplástica y Reconstructiva de la Mama (Hospital Juan Canalejo, A Coruña)  (Oncoplastic Surgery).
  • 2013: “Targit Trainig Course on Breast Cancer. International Training Course on Targeted Intraoperative Radiotherapy (Targit), University Medical Centre Mannheim, University of Heidelberg”.
  • Coordinator: Breast Unit in private practice, Mataró (Unidad de Patología Mamaria de Institució Font Sastre de Mataró) from 1999 until 2006.
  • Consultant Senologyst and Coordinator: Breast Unit in Clínica Planas, Barcelona from 1999 until 2015.
  • Senologyst in Centro de Diagnóstico de las Afecciones Mamarias de Barcelona, from 1999. Co-Director since 2013.
  • Consultant in Breast Disease / Senology: Centro Médico Adeslas Diagonal (Carlos III, Barcelona), Since 2004. Centro Médico DKV Letamendi 2010-2013, Centro Médico EUSALUD-DKV Urgell since 2013.
  • Founder of Unidad de Senología Avanzada. Pioneering in Spain, in collaboration with Fundación IMOR and Advanced Surgery Barcelona International, the use of IORT (intra operative radiotherapy) at Clínica del Pilar in Barcelona, with the Intrabeam system by Karl Zeiss, since January 2014.
  • President of the Multidisciplinary Team of Breast disease at Hospital Pilar-Quiron since 2017.

Corresponding member of ASCO (American Society of Medical Oncology)

Full member of:

  • Sociedad Española de Senología y Patología Mamaria (SESPM);
  • Senologic International Society  (SIS);
  • European Society of Mastology (EUSOMA);
  • Asociación Española de Cirujanos de Mama (AECIMA).

Member of:

  • Editorial Committe of the Spanish Senologic Society Journal (Revista Española de Senología-Patología Mamaria) and regular contributor until 2009.
  • Board of Directors de la S.I.S.. (Senologic International Society) 2004-2008.
  • Secretary General of the S.I.S.. 2008-2010.
  • Vocal de la Junta Directiva de la Sociedad Española de Senología y Patología Mamaria 2005-2009 (Spanish Senological Society).
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the Spanish Senological Socierty  (Comité de Publicaciones Científicas de la SESPM).
  • Member of SESPM Editing Committee: Manual on Breast Disease-Senology (Manual de Práctica Clínica en Senología de la SESPM) on its three editions: 2010, 2012 y 2015, and of the Monograph on Premalignant Disease (Manual de Lesiones Premalignas y Preinvasoras en Patología Mamaria) 2013. Factores Pronósticos y predictivos en Cáncer de Mama, 2017.
  • Participant in Spanish Senologic Society SESPM Consensus Meetings on: Sentinel Node Biopsy; Breast Reconstruction; Breast Cancer-Fertility and Fertility Preservation in Breast Cancer Patients; Follow-up of Breast Cancer Patients).
  • Participated in other books and articles related with breast disease.

Regular teacher

  • Diploma and Master de Senología-Patología Mamaria de la UB since 2002.
  • Curso de Especialista en Ecografía Mamaria (Universidad de Vigo) since 2008.
  • International Master’s Degree in Reconstructive Microsurgery since 2010.
  • Curso de Cirugía Oncoplástica y Reconstructiva de la Mama (Hospital Juan Canalejo, A Coruña) since 2011.
  • Co-Director of the Diploma en Patología Mamaria and Master en Senología – Patología Mamaria of Universitat de Barcelona since 2012.