Intraoperative radiotherapy

This technique allows application of radiation with great precision in the zones affected by the tumour. Quénet Torrent Institute is one of the Multidisciplinary Surgical Teams that uses intraoperative radiotherapy (IOR) in Spain in collaboration with the IMOR centre. 

This technique consists of the direct administration on the tumour bed of a dose of radiotherapy (in this case, photons), in a precise and localized manner. One of the advantages it offers is that it is done right after the removal of the tumour during the surgical procedure.

In the case of breast cancer, for the subgroup of patients with indication of partial radiotherapy (approximately 3 of every 10), intraoperative radiotherapy has shown the same effectiveness as the conventional six-week treatment and spare the patient from having to undergo external radiotherapy, as the effects are the same.

This type of therapy, very innovative and still present in only a few hospitals, involves perfectly coordinated multidisciplinary work and is validated in breast cancer by clinical tests with solid scientific evidence.

Intraoperative Radiotherapy is used on all tumours that need radiation, such as gastric cancer, pancreatic, rectal, lung, breast and gynaecologic cancer and sarcomas, and sarcomas with the purpose of increasing local control of the disease.

In one step breast cancer surgery, in some selected patients, IOR allows the same prospects for cure as conventional treatment with less toxicity, loss of time, travel and discomfort for the patient.

Specifically, in the treatment of breast cancer, it provides a great benefit in the quality of life, as it reduces or eliminates the days of external radiation and decreases the secondary effects.

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